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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 20, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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all of the evil. >> hope you have a great cell bra tory easter. on the fox news channel. huckabee start for you right now. good night. tonight on huckabee. >> everything -- the first thing that come out of my mouth was negative. >> they were at rock bottom. but a trip to the holy land help these american heros heal. then relentlessly bullied. >> i just feel so special. >> standing with shay tonight. plus on the virge of being deployed a home schooling family is now stayed in america. and he's just a regular guy
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in a pink tutu taking these photographs to help his wife fight a brave battle. >> announcer: governor mike huckabee. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. people of faith are going to be observing easter and pass over. for christians, it's the most important observance of the year. if jesus is alive, then the faith of the christian is validated and not even death can keep us from living without hope. without hope, nothing we do makes a whole lot of sense.
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once we accept that fatalist ik premise, there's no meaning to doing good or being responsible or acting unselfishly. for we eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. for the jews passover reminds us that god never forgets or breaks his promises. if however there is a god and he has an interest in us, then living according to his rules and standards makes perfect sense. in fact, it's the only thing that does make sense. to be as recognizeless as the person that believes he can jump off a high-rise building. and neither does it for the person who deciding to live as if there is no god. if he's right and there is no god, at least he lived so as to be a decent neighbor, friend,
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husband and father. i'm sure i'm going to get nasty comments on my facebook page from people who are going to remind us that easter is a pagan holiday. if kids decorate, hide, and hunt some eggs, i'm not shire that makes -- sure that makes them little pagans. better to hunt a few eggs and tell the story of the resurrection than to live without the hope of the resurrection. i hope you enjoy the weekend and enjoy the special that's planned to remind you that life is good. tonight, we're going to give you another look at some of the great stories that you told us that you loved. these are the encouraging and inspiring stories of people who have faced adversity and come out on top. many of our troops come home injured physically, emotionally
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and spiritually. a group called heros to heros helps veterans heal by taking them on a spiritual journey to israel. retired sergeant spent two years in iraq and says his trip saved his marriage and allowed him to reunite with his family. let's talk to him right now. judy, so many organizations reach out to veterans. i'm wondering because we have these organizations, is that an indication that maybe the va and official government entities just aren't doing all they ought to be doing? >> this is a big country and the va has a huge, huge job. there is no way one organization can handle everything. there are so many aspects to the challenges our veterans have.
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and as an american, as a mother, it's hard for me to let it all go. i couldn't -- i couldn't just let these young men and women who raised their hands to volunteer so my sons can go on with their lives, i couldn't let it go. >> is that how you got started? is that the motivation for it all? >> that was the motivation. i think as parents and as american parents, my family's inta inta intact, my children are able to go to college, they're able to continue with their lives because many young men and women raised their hand. they volunteered, they offered to go. their families are broken and i've met some of those matter mothers. as a mother, i couldn't say it's okay that -- you know, hey, it's okay, thanks and walk away. >> it's a very interesting concept. you take american heros and take them to israel and introduce them to their israeli counter
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parts. your husband came back from iraq. had serious difficulty with post-traumatic stress disorder. did you know something was wrong? >> absolutely. >> it wasn't subtle? >> he was a different person when he came back from the war. >> what were you afraid of? >> i was afraid of him doing something to me or to himself, you know. he was angry all the time. couldn't sleep. bad dreams. and so i, you know, try my best to comfort him. >> charles, how did you first hear about heros to heros and what did you think of it? >> it was actually a friend who told me you needed a break, i needed to go out and reach -- i was losing faith, that i didn't have anything to really stand on or to connect with. so i got the information, wrote to judy. i explained to her my situation.
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she said yeah, you should. when i told her i was going through my wife and family, everything was really broken, you know. you could be here, but you're not here and you're heart is not here and everything is hard to connect. >> so you knew something was wrong too? you weren't saying, oh, i'm fine everything's great? >> the first thing that come out of my mouth was negative. everything was bad. everything was rude. everything was a challenge. everything was not with a thought process. you know, everything had to be wrong. i just fought against the world. it was just wrong. >> when you got to israel, what happened? what changed? what -- what impacted you that made things different? >> you know, when you go home, you want to be embraced by your loved once, you want to be embraced by your people, you want to be embraced by those who put you there respectfully because there was a job that you did. i'm not jewish. i'm a catholic.
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latino male going to israel. this was overwhelming to me. the first thing they did was shalom, welcome, you're home. when someone says, you're home. and when i went home to the states and i didn't get the, how you doing, that took a lot out of me, you know. >> did you come back home a different person when you had made the trip with heros to heros? when you got back, what was different? >> i think the trip was over well ming to accept, to find who i am still and how i should continue on this path. i think israel gave me a little spark in me that told me you can do it, you can try, we know you have this. but try to manage it, try to work with it. the people at the rehab -- the events, the places, they all
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gave a helping hand to make sure that i was okay. >> that's valor your service dog. he's disappointed that i have not ask him a question. >> probably say. >> that's one big dog, by the way. >> yes. >> i understand part lab and part dane? >> yes. >> i think there's more dane than lab ins. >> when charles came back from israel, did you sense something was different in him? >> absolutely. he was more -- he communicated better. he wasn't as angry. i mean, he still has work to do, but i want to thank judy so judy, thanks for you to help make this be a beautiful christmas. you're going to stay with us. up next you're going to hear from a veteran who says his trip to the holy land saved him fro him from killing himself. judy, stay with us. you better as well. why is our arizona-based company
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od. helping the world keep promises. the group is called heros for heros. its admission is to send vets to the holy land to find some peace. back with the group's founder, jiedy schaeffer. and along with judy, harrison who served with the u.s. army eight years. he says before his trip to israel in 2012, he was living in darkness. and craig served with the marines as a scout sniper in both iraq and afghanistan. he just returned from israel less than a month ago. great to have you guys. harrison, you went with the
8:14 pm
second group of heros to hoe rows back in 2012. you said this group saved your life. that's pretty dramatic. how did they do that? >> the think was at the time coming back from iraq, i was feeling depressed. i didn't have anyone to, you know, counter any things that i was going through. i didn't even know what ptsd was. but there was a phone call that was made to me from team red white and blue that someone knew from heros to heros. it was actually august 10th that i got the phone call. i had just went to the va. they gave me more medication, said, hey, this is what you need to do. i had told myself, i can't take anymore medicine, my faith isn't there anymore. i'm going to do something and it's going to be today. i don't want to be here anymore.
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and lo and behold, i got a phone i was alone at home and i got the phone call. they said heros to heros wants to send someone from the houston team. would you be willing to go. i want to thank judy, heros to heros for saving my life and my kids' life. >> you ended up and israel and getting baptized in the jordan river. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. it was amazing. truly amazing. >> greg, you just got back a month ago. i think one of the things that's remarkable. it's not just for jewish, it's not just for christians, it's for anybody. but there's a certain connection in israel no matter what a person's faith is because it's home to really three very significant faiths that we know
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of, christianity, jew day yichl and islam. you just got back. what did it do for you? >> it's tough to put into words. it was life changing. growing up as a catholic, my mom dragged me to church. as i grew up i kind of got away from that. to be able to stand on the spot that you learned about in school and the positive that was just there, i think i was emotionally hit every day by something at one place or another. it was -- it was really moving in so many ways. >> and you planted a tree. that's a very important tradition in israel to plant a tree and reforest the country. did you feel like you were saying there's something here that 20, 30, 50, a hundred years around may still be here. >> i have the gps kocoordinate
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the tree. between us and god making it grow, we plant add few that day. i shared one of my trees with one of my israeli veteran friends over there. it's going to grow and it's going to be there forever. >> tell me about the connection that you had with the israeli counterparts. these are men and women soldiers of the israeli defense forces. how did that impact you? >> getting the chance to meet them and spending ten days with these guys completely changed how i viewed the culture there when it comes to israeli and the military and the pridefulness they have with each other. it showed brotherhood. we were part of their army and they didn't know us. these men and women is something that -- they're doing this. two-year service or four year or whatever it is that they do, the
8:18 pm
entire country serves and have served. and it just made us feel like there was a connection. like we're going to be brothers and sisters for the rest of our lives because we know what it is to be at war, we know what it is to be ptsd ordealing with darkness or invisible wounds or physical wounds. it really connected me to them. >> i want to say to both of you i'm so glad that you were introduced to heros to heros. i've been between 25 and 30 times myself over the past 40 years. judy, thank you. thank you for what you're doing. you've never worn a uniform, but in many ways you too are a hero to reach out and care for these veterans that have served our country. i hope people will support heros to hero sdps you will continue to make this kind of impact on
8:19 pm
these great americans just like harrison and greg. what an or nor to have you. >> heros to heros raised approximately $34,000 that they directly attributed to their appearance on our show. we're proud of that and glad for them. and the veterans featured in that past segment, greg and harrison, have since led a fourth team to travel to israel for a ten-day journey in march. that team consisted of entirely by veterans who watched the original segment here on suk. >> coming up, a prime example of how persevere entrance pays off. they were about to be deported, but they never gave up their fight. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns.
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in 2008, this family had fled their native germany where home schooling is against the mall. the department of justice denied them asylum and then they faced deportation. in march, the department of homeland security granted the family indefinite deferred status which means they're allowed to stay in america and home school their seven children. the parents and their attorney shared the good news with us last month. congratulations. what relief this must be to you and your family. were you surprised when this ruling came just a day after the supreme court said they're not even going to hear your case? >> well, it's a big day for us. on tuesday, we were so relieved
8:24 pm
and just happy about the good news after the day before we got the bad news. so we are -- we are just rejoicing. >> why do you think the reversal happened? i think it caught all of us off guard. >> well, we came here because we -- we felt like god was leading us to the united states. and from day one, we trusted that god would help us. when we came in and all the trouble began, we were just trust in him because he says call upon me in the day of trouble, i will deliver you and you shall glorify me. so we knew god would be doing something, and we know that there were literally thousands of people praying. i think it was an answered prayer by god. >> everybody in america who has children right now is being very sympathetic with you that you're dealing with one that's just not
8:25 pm
quite ready for television. hannah, let me ask you what did this mean to you personally, the relief that you felt when this decision and you no longer were faced with deportation hanging over your head. >> that's right. we were very relieved. it took a while to believe it, but now we are very happy about this decision. >> well, we're all very happy about it. i want to go to michael farris who has been your attorney. this has been a roller coaster of a legal battle. tell us first of all, what is deferred status? what actually has now happened and now confident are you that this settles this? >> it -- for this family, this settles it on essentially permanent basis as long as the family doesn't get any legal trouble for felonies or things like that, they're going to be allowed to stay as long as their
8:26 pm
children are being home schooled. so it's very good news for them. it's a great day. the problem with the -- this particular form of the outcome is it doesn't set any kind of positive precedent. there are plenty of other families in germany that would like to be able to come to the united states, and we've set to precedent for them. there are things in the court decision that are very troubling about america's attitude toward inviting people who need to come to this country for religious freedom reasons. all those things yet need to be addressed. >> congratulations on this case and to the family. we're so glad it turned out well. we hope in the future, it doesn't have to go through this. 127,000 people signed a petition to support the family. that had to have had a big impact on it. michael, thank you. and to the family, thank you and congratulations. so very happy for your family.
8:27 pm
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siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. >> live from america's news headquarters i am robert gray. pope francis celebrating his second easter mass with a plea for peace. a crowd of 150,000 people filling saint peert's square. praying for peace and dialogue in ukraine assyria plus an end to terror attacks against christians in nigeria. urging more attention be paid to the sick, elderly and outcast. divers have been able to get inside the sunken ferry off the coast of korea. the divers are in the process of recovering bodies.
8:31 pm
confirmed death toll has reached 59 plus 2 -- 240 are still missing. there was confusion and indecision as the ferry began lifting dangerously. i am robert gray. now back to huckabee. folksnews.. we've heard way too many stories about bullying that have made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, but here's a story that gives us hope. texas high school junior shay was born with a brain injury that causes her to have seizures. here's just one example of how vicious the text about her were. here's one. it said shay is so annoying but cute. i want to do more than kiss her. i want to rape her and kill her. that will make sure she goes away for good. shay's mother set up a facebook
8:32 pm
page and word spread quickly. last fall, the football games were swarmed with suppose importaporte porters who wore, i'm with shea t-shirts. i want to know how did it make you feel when these students stood with you? >> it helped me through a lot of it because i -- it was -- like when i saw people just out there wearing my t-shirt supporting me, i felt good because they're really nice people, i know that. and for them supporting me means so much to me and how this makes
8:33 pm
a whole lot because i -- >> you're doing great. let me ask you this, shea, howe this has happened and you stepped forward, have those mess sa sajs that were so hurtful, have they stopped. >> they have stopped and i'm very grateful for that. >> what do you want to say to the kids who said those horrible things? >> you may not be watching this tv show or you may be staring at me at school and thinking, well, she -- she's not pretty or she's not popular, so we're going to dislike her, we're going to put
8:34 pm
her in this unpopular kid group. well, that's all right. that's all right. >> you know something, i think you're very pretty and i think you're just a remarkable young lady to have the courage to do what you're doing and not letting this just destroy you. when i see the horrible things that have happened to your daughter, i want to know, what has the school done because that concerns me. have they stepped up and been supportive of shea? >> their words are trying to be. i wish they would do a whole lot more. i wish there were assemblies. i wish we had a parent meeting to let parents know about these apps their kids are using because they're not aware. so, the school really hasn't done as much as i really would like them to. >> what would you like to see happen to the people that have
8:35 pm
done the bullying? i've been through 20 years of politics, some of that is so over the top. i don't care who you are, they hurts. >> they definitely need to be brought to justice. unfortunately, i don't know if our justice is really prepared for what this is. this isn't, i took your lunch money. this is a hate crime. a lot of these messages were you need to have a seizure and die and it's karma for me giving birth to her. they attacked me in some of the text messages. if they are minor, i would like their parents have some sort of punishment or community service. if this person is an adult that's doing this to shea they need to be brought to justice or community service working with special needs children might just open their eyes about what shea has to suffer through
8:36 pm
daily. >> you have opened all of our eyes to not only how terrible these actions were to you, but to what a beautiful person you are and how worthy you are of our love and support and standing behind you. i want you to know, i'm with shea too. >> thank you. within just ten days of the media attention to shea's story, the local authorities arrested a girl. they claim she acted alone. the girl is due in court at the end of this month. meanwhile, shea has made a whole lot of new friends. she and her mother or featured on the cover of the spring edition of" thrive" magazine. up next, why is this man waring nothing but a pink tutu?
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8:41 pm
photographs in his costume for a greater cause. him and his pink tutu have been to the lincoln memorial and to the grand canyon in arizona. he did it to cheer up his wife linda who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. he has since photographed himself in his tutu around the world. bob kerry and his wife linda join me now. so nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> i wanted our audience to know i'm wearing a pink tie in your honor. >> that's perfect. >> ain't no way i'm getting in a tutu, bob. ain't going to happen. first of all, let's talk about how did you ever think this whole idea of a tutu, bob. what was going on in your head? >> it started out as an assignment because i'm a commercial photographer and it
8:42 pm
was for a ball lay company in arizona. i had the prop left over. linda and i moved to new york 11 years ago. we had it in the car. i've been photographing myself for a long time anyway. i put it on and there it was. >> i'm going to move the tutu off the table so we can see the photographs better. where was this one taken? >> in italy in tuesday canny. >> that probably caused some heads to turn. >> yeah, a few italian ladies kind of giggled and kept walking. >> well, it's better that they did that than turn around and say you're the kind of guy i've been waiting on all these years. >> very much so. >> when he first showed you himself in the tutu, i'm just curious, did you say, bob, you need help? >> no. i'm sure i laughed quite a bit. i'm used to bob's creative solutions to projects or just
8:43 pm
life situations. and i laughed. i know i laughed a lot. come on, he's in a pink tutu. >> you were fighting breast cancer when this all started. >> well, actually, it started before that and it grew once i was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> did it cheer you up? >> certainly. it was a great thing to focus on when i was going through chemotherapy. it was nice to have just a break from life. >> when you showed this initially to some of your friends and said, hey, here's my husband, what kind of response did you get from that? >> i think our friends understood because they understand bob. i think the family wanted to hear the story behind it. what's bob up to now. >> this is with the ballet company it looks like. >> yes, it was the american
8:44 pm
ballet center in lincoln center. they set it up. one of our fans was the stage manager there. >> this is one of my favorites. this is standing in an opera house in new jersey. that's willie nelson's guitar. >> trigger. >> most famous guitar in america. willie always said the day the guitar gives out, that's it, he's done, he's finished, he's retiring. you got to hold it and stand there with it. that's pretty cool. >> all i could remember hearing was the crew saying, do not drop that guitar. whatever you do. >> of all the photos bob has taken, do you have a favorite? >> this one right here. it just so happened -- for timing. i love this photograph. i think -- >> it's a little corny. okay.
8:45 pm
audience. calm down. >> it is. i just like the fact that you don't know whether he's disappearing or emerging. i think symbolically for someone with cancer there's all these questions going on. it just really appeals to me. >> you create add book from this, a foundation. you raise money for people going through breast cancer. why do you do this? >> well, we've seen a lot of people going through their treatments. and there isn't a lot of organizations that help women during their treatments. it's all about a cure or research. and for us, you know, linda has seen firsthand her friends that would come to chemotherapy with their child because they don't have child care. that's one of the hardest parts of the treatment is to deal with the chemotherapy and the side effects. for us if they don't have the means to, you know, be taken
8:46 pm
care of, it's -- you know, i feel like it's up to us to be able to help out with that. >> what you've done is unique, it's creative and i hope you're the only man in america that wants to do it. >> well -- >> it's a wonderful tribute to your wife. you've chosen a very unique way to express your love and support for linda. you're beautiful people. it's so nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, celebrating easter with a song from a christian what if a photo were more than a memory? what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted? or fix a leaky faucet? or even give you your saturday back? the new snapfix app revolutionizes local service. just snap a photo and angie's list coordinates a top-rated provider to do the work on your schedule.
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they're a couple musicians from texas that have a deep
8:50 pm
faith in god who spread the message through their song. would you please welcome shane and shane. you have a real harmny, but called worship initiative. i want to you tell me what this is about. i think it's going to be an exciting tool for people who are worship leaders and musicians and anyone that likes to play. >> we've got an effort to do song writing classes and supporting worship leaders and have had doors open up the it's going to be designed for anyone who is a worship leader andir song writer to getc better in their craft and they're calling. what they're called to do in al life if it's more than music.. >> you've got videos and how-to
8:51 pm
instructions on every instrument in the band. a bass player like me or someone that wants to be a bass player like me can learn videos and watch it by someone who knew what they're doing. >> yes. >> we recorded 100 songs to start with andin videoed everything in realtime. yes. you can watch the track being ah played with chords and chord charts. it's going to be useful. . >> i hopeeop if they play or d worship leaders will get a hold of it. l it's all about liberty in christ. it's a great song about freedom. spiritual freedom called "liberty". ♪ ♪ hey yeah hey
8:52 pm
♪ god gave me the spirit where the spirit is now there is music ♪ ♪ redirect what's inside of me ♪ where the spirit of the lord is liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ there is liberty freedom is great ♪ ♪ even if i was shackled my chains open my life to jesus ♪
8:53 pm
♪ i am free oh free ♪ even if god had given me a sign of men it's true i'd survive ♪ ♪ oh you don't make it light no no no ♪ ♪ laid it down he laid it down he paid the price paid the price yeah ♪ ♪ he shed his light yeah his light ♪ ♪ he's one and we are free
8:54 pm
♪ we are free we are free ♪ i am free i am free [ applause ] ♪ freedom is more than free it's in me ♪ ♪ even when they unshackle my chains open my love in freedom ♪ ♪ freedom has set me free whoa whoa ♪ ♪ and yes i am free in he ♪ the cheerful, the chained opened my eyes to freedom ♪ ♪ i am free
8:55 pm
♪ yeah i am free hey [ cheers and applause ] >> that was shane and shane, reminder get all the information at the worship so glad to have them with us. well, i'll be back with closing thoughts in just a moment. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ i know a thing about an ira ♪ and i got the tools ♪ to do it my way ♪ i got a lock on equities ♪ that's why i'm type e ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ i can do it all from my mobile phone ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ if i need some help i'm not alone ♪ ♪ we're all tyyyyype eeeee, ♪
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♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. we did the entire show and never mentioned obamacare. harry reid. nancy pelosi or malaysia flight 307. sure, those are important topics and assure you you would hear them again but i thought when people are observing easter and
8:59 pm
passover maybe bringing uplifting stories of people who face real challenges and who turn things around, well, maybe that would be refreshing. some of the greatest and most important stories have nothing to do with washington or wall street. they aren't even about politics, they're about the stories of people just like you who decided that giving up or giving in wasn't an option. we're reminded that there are some truly courageous and unselfish people in the world. they sometimes stand up for their rights, sometimes they stand up for others, they give of themselves, not because they're paid to, but because they have something money can't buy, character. want to turn america around and get us back on our feet, it's not action taken by the politicians but it's when the character of our citizens is much like the people that you've met tonight. you don't have to be on the front pages of the papers to be a hero, you might be a hero to someone in your family, your neighborhood or your community, simply by an unselfish act of
9:00 pm
kindness. i can't think of a better way to celebrate easter or passover. [ cheers and applause ] from all of us at thanks for ch. in have a happy easter. hope the bunny is special good friday edition of the factor is on tonight. >> i hope loving person of jesus in your life. >> what about money in jesus? is the the new pope against capitalism? the american left says yes. you will take tonight. >> below you is to not have a job. [ applause ] >> go work until you can get the job that you want to have. >> a big tv star preaching self-reliance to american young people. take a look at ashton kutcher's campaign. >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. >> is christianity inhe


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